Fund Security

Providing fund security is one of the most important factors in the financial industry. Financial responsibility of U.S.B. Broker is fully insured by the USA Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Besides that, U.S.B. Broker has many years of experience managing financial risks, maintaining a stable balance sheet and offers other additional legal and structural warranty for the client's funds.

Client's funds deposited in U.S.B .Broker are kept on separate clients' accounts and never used to cover the operating expenses or any other purposes, and never mixed with the circulating capital of U.S.B. Broker.

Client's funds are only withdrawn from the client's account as a result of his trade activity or following their direct order. In a hardly possible situation of U.S.B. Broker bankruptcy, all the clients' funds are legally protected and returned directly to the clients.

Risk Insurance

U.S.B. Broker provides an opportunity to open positions on the same instrument in opposite directions without additional margin, and reimbursing the pledged sum. This opportunity allows customers to design diverse commerce strategies without loss risks.

Universal Trade Platform

U.S.B. Broker offers a new trading platform “Universal Trade Information Platform Trader 2.3” to work on world financial markets. The trader's tools include different types of trade orders, schedules with many time-frames and a wide range of settings, and also a full technical price analysis with multiple indicators. Over 50 inbuilt technical indicators and tools make the analytical job easier. Moreover, clients get ready-to-use plug-ins which reduce the complexity of working on the trading platform.

Favorable Terms of Trade

At your choice, U.S.B. Broker offers two types of trade accounts with optimal and favorable terms of trade. Having one of these accounts open, you get a direct access to the international interbank foreign exchange market through the major market-makers.

Diverse trade terms allow you to choose the most optimal type of account, taking into consideration the goals of your trade strategies and trading preferences.

Rapid Execution of Transactions

The direct access to the international interbank foreign exchange market guarantees there will be no delays in the execution of trade orders. U.S.B. Broker uses the only type of execution “Market Execution”. The execution happens within next few seconds on best market prices right after you give the order.

Trade Tools at Your Choice

Besides currency pairs, the trader tools also allow you to use Spot metals and CFD on the stocks of the biggest companies of the USA, Europe, Japan and Russia; on government bonds of the USA; and on oil futures.

The tracking of the movement of stock indices is available for the analytical evaluation of the major world economies of the world.

Flawless Client Service

All the services in U.S.B. Broker are provided by competent and highly-qualified specialists. The company employees are available to answer questions and help in any situation, 24 hours 5 days a week, at the work-time of the trade server. Any question or request, regardless of what service was contacted, is immediately redirected to the required one. Every specialist in the company has their own trade account. Only being involved in trading, they can provide quality service to our clients.

Personal Manager

U.S.B. Broker takes good care of their clients’ funds since they get the spread from only positively closed transactions. Every client is attended by a personal manager who helps the client with the initial actions as well as with the trade result improvement. Independently of what experience and knowledge a client has, the manager exercises highly-qualified customer support 24 hours 5 days a week. Customer support and consultations are provided through personal communication or, if a client is not able to come into the representative office, through phone or the Internet.

Professional Training

U.S.B. Broker offers a few training programs which will help you to fully master the study of exchange business, to become a competent financial analyst, to learn to make firm and correct decisions in the sphere of investments and trade at financial markets, to save funds during the present situation of financial crisis, and, of course, start to earn trading at the financial markets.

Quick Deposit/Withdrawal

U.S.B. Broker uses a wide range of payment systems which allow our clients to make deposits and withdrawals in the shortest time. The possibility of making deposits and withdrawals in a representative office using cash helps to avoid commissions and currency exchange rates difference, since all the payments are made based on the exchange rates of the central bank of the country represented on the day of the payment.

Designing a Trade Strategy

To ensure your successful trading, U.S.B. Broker Personal managers design personalized trade strategies depending on the deposit, profit desired, and time which you are ready to devote to the trade activity. The managers offer a few strategies to choose from. Correct application of the strategies designed guarantees the security of your deposit as well as a stable income.

Interest on Surplus Funds

In the first week of the calendar year, U.S.B. Broker charges a 10% per annum in the deposit currency. The Interest is accrued on the first trading week of the calendar year on free funds. The rate of 10% covers only active trade accounts, for non-active trade accounts the rate is 3% per annum. The account is considered active if it is on a monthly basis, transaction closed in profit, with a total volume of 100 lots of times less than the amount in the account.