Jobs at U.S.B. Broker

Jobs in U.S.B. Broker - a work in a major international financial services company! It is a place where you build your career and create your future!

Clients Department

  • Manager to work with clients
  • Sales manager of financial products
  • Assurance Manager Support

Analytic Department

  • Lead Financial Analyst
  • Financial analyst FOREX
  • Financial Analyst Derivatives Market

Payments Department

  • Expert on payment systems
  • Specialist Banking
  • Analyst Control Payments

Risk Assessment Department

  • Risk Manager
  • Specialist balance sheet and market risks

Marketing and PR Department

  • Marketer
  • Brand Manager
  • Advertising Manager
  • PR-manager
  • Copywriter

Investment Department

  • Leading expert on strategic and investment analysis
  • Sales manager of investment products
  • Development specialist investment products

On all available vacancies contact your country representative or submit resume to: